About Code Karate

Hey, we’re Code Karate, better known as Shane and Adam. We grew up about 2 blocks--or in those days, a 30-second bike ride--away from each other. After many years of childhood friendship, including some questionable pranks caught on camera and thousands of hours of in-the-street football--we headed to college together as roommates.

After 4-years of college together, somehow we weren’t sick of each other yet. So, we decided to start a business, scratch that, a few businesses together. Somewhere along the road, Code Karate was born. When we first started out, we didn’t know a whole lot about Drupal. We were like you, searching the web for Drupal how-to videos, and hoping that someone would offer quality knowledge at an affordable price. Thanks to some other Drupal experts who were willing to share their knowledge and skills for free, we learned to become Drupal experts ourselves.

In order to become Drupal experts, we had to take a lot from people who offered free Drupal education to us. Now, after lots of talking, we’ve established our goal to give back to the Drupal community more than we’ve taken in the past or will take in the future. We offer free Drupal information to you because we know we wouldn’t be where we are without all of the support from the Drupal community. We believe that Code Karate is making a difference in people’s ability to use Drupal. We’ve heard your stories about what you’ve learned and how it impacts your Drupal experience. We want to create more and more success stories, but the only way for us to do this is to hear from you. We rely heavily upon you to tell us what you’ve learned, how it improves your Drupal experience and what you want to learn to become a Drupal Ninja!

Happy Coding!