Drupal Commerce Course

By shane
Fri, 2015-01-09 09:01

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After creating hundreds of Drupal videos and blog posts on various topics, and after receiving many comments and email's, we started to realize a few trends over time. One of the things we received a lot of questions and interest in, was creating ecommerce sites in Drupal.

In Drupal 7, we think the best way to create an ecommerce website is to use Drupal Commerce. We have created some videos in the past that covers some of the basic concepts of Drupal Commerce, but in order to really get through those videos, you have to know quite a bit about Drupal.

We decided that we needed to build a more complete series to really teach how to get a Drupal Commerce site set up from beginning to end, from setting up the Drupal site to the official launch. We wanted a course that was aimed at beginners and would work for those with some basic knowledge of Drupal, or possibly no knowledge at all.

So we are now announcing the official release of our Drupal Commerce course. This course is a 4.5+ hour course with 60 videos. The course walks through setting up a Commerce Kickstart website where you learn to manage products, inventory, orders, payments, shipping, taxes, and much more. You also learn some ways to change the design of the store without any coding.

Our goal is not only to help those already in the Drupal world learn how to sell products online, we also want to help those that are not using Drupal yet. So if you are interested in learning how to sell products online, using Drupal and Drupal Commerce, take a look at our course:

Code Karate's Drupal Commerce Course

The Price is currently set at $20. This includes the 4.5 hour course and 60 videos. This also includes our support in helping you along the way of building and launching your Drupal Commerce site.

This is a great course if you:

  • Want to build an ecommerce website of your own to sell your products
  • Want to learn how to build ecommerce websites so you can build them for other people/companies

So go ahead and check out the course. We are really happy with how it turned out and think you will be too. Let us know what you think!