Git Cheat Sheet

By adam
Wed, 2014-11-12 08:23

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There is a saying that "All good things come to those who wait". While whoever said that was most likely not referring to our Git cheat sheet, but the saying still holds true. As of right now, you get get your coding hands on the Code Karate Git Cheat Sheet by clicking here or going to the cheat sheets page (it is the same thing).

Our newest cheat sheet has over 40 git commands and includes the git workflow that we use at Code Karate. Like our Drush cheat sheet we didn't include every Git command. Instead we have included git commands that we actually use.

If your a developer, coder, designer or site builder you know the potential of Git and hopefully this cheat sheet can simply act as a reminder when you are coding and pushing your next amazing website.

Happy Git(ting)!

To get the Git Cheat Sheet just go to the Cheat Sheets page and enter your email address and select the Git Cheat Sheet check box.

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