Multiple user accounts on one Drupal site

By shane
Mon, 2011-08-22 01:11

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If you are a Drupal developer than you often will run into the problem of having multiple user accounts on one site. This is especially important when you have many different roles/permissions to check. There are many useful tools for helping with this issue. One useful tool is the devel generate module which will allow you to create user accounts easily. There are also modules that allow you to "Spoof" these accounts by becoming that user.

There is one issue you might run into though if you need to actually test the account registration process of a website. This is especially important if you have to enter in an email and create a new account many times. Most people only have a few email addresses so they may be limited to deleting the user account each time they need to test the registration process again. However, there is another way to register one email address multiple times on a Drupal site.

I could register for example:

Username: example

I could then also register

Username: example2

All I did was add a + sign and then any string after it. Drupal thinks it is a completely different email address, however your email provider should still send it to (ignoring everything after the + sign). So go ahead and start creating as many test accounts on your Drupal site as you want.