Selecting a Javascript Framework [Infographic]

By adam
Thu, 2015-03-26 07:33

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Drupal 8 coming (queue suspenseful music)! One of the HUGE things with Drupal 8 is this term called "headless Drupal". Don't worry the Drupal drop isn't in any danger of losing precious head real estate, rather headless Drupal refers to using a different client-side (front-end) framework then the back end Drupal framework. From what I have read the goal is to have Drupal become the preferred back-end content management system.

Are curiosity has peaked and we have started looking into the various Javascript Frameworks that are available. As of now the one that is peaking our interest is Angular.js. If you are experimenting, what frameworks do you like? If you don't know where to start check out this infographic below. Special thanks to Anna Mininkova from Web Design Degree Center for sharing this with us.

Choosing a Javascript FrameworkSource: