By shane
2018-10-28 23:25
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #212

In this episode, we will cover five different ways to download and install modules in Drupal 8. Yes, that’s right, FIVE different ways! If you are just getting started with Drupal or are transitioning from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, this is a great place to start. Once you understand all the ways to download and install modules, you can make the decision on which option works best for you.

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By shane
2015-06-19 08:35

Drush... what a wonderful web you weave. My guess is you have probably heard about this mysterious thing known as "Drush" and are looking to find out:

  1. What exactly is Drush?
  2. Is Drush something that will be useful for me?

The first one is an easy one. Drush is short for Drupal Shell and is a command line tool that makes interacting with your Drupal website a breeze.

By shane
2015-02-02 11:01

Code Karate has recently posted numerous times on the importance of hosting and finding a reliable hosting service for your Drupal website. In this post I will introduce Site5 Hosting and demonstrate how it can be used to set up a Drupal website. If you are looking for a Drupal host, Site5 provides great service and support. If you are not sure yet, the instructions below are still useful for many hosting provides as it goes over the basics of CPanel (used by many shared hosting providers).

By adam
2014-10-21 10:42

As developers we always are looking for ways to become more efficient. After all, time is money.

One of things we found that always cost us more time than needed was remembering Drush commands when building our Drupal websites. Obviously, Google will find thousands of sites with this information, but just having a sheet laying on our desks seems to provide the answer faster. Remember time is money.

By shane
2013-03-13 23:57
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #128

The Drupal 7 Panels module allows the creation of customized page layouts using an easy to use drag and drop page builder. Panels can be used to build custom pages, change the layout of node (or content type) pages, and even modify the Drupal user profile or account page.

In this episode you will learn:

  • An overview of what the Drupal Panels module is and how it can be used
  • A quick overview of Drupal 7 Panels options and configurations
  • How to create a custom Drupal 7 Panel page
By shane
2011-05-23 14:00

Drush is a very powerful command line utility for creating, managing, and maintaining your Drupal website. There are many things that you can do with Drush, but suffice it to say that if you develop/build Drupal websites and don't currently use Drush, you should most definitely check it out.

Note: If you are looking for help with Drush, check out this link - Drush: Getting started

By shane
2011-03-19 21:33

If you are a Drupal developer and are not using the Drupal features module to help with your workflow, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. What kind of opportunity you may ask? How about an opportunity to make your life easier, allow you to develop Drupal websites faster, and provide you with simple ways to version control your exportables (views, cck, panels, variable settings, etc). I am going to give a brief recipe of how I use features in my workflow in hopes that maybe you will get some new ideas (and perhaps send ideas my way as I am always looking to improve the development process).

If you want a complete walk through and introduction to the Features module as well as more information on crafting a Drupal development process. You can check out my 5 Secrets to Becoming a Drupal 7 Ninja Ebook.

If you are interested in a video on the Drupal 7 features module, check out my Drupal 7 Features module introduction.

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