Drupal 8 Override Node Options Module

By shane
Wed, 2019-09-25 00:57
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #235

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The Drupal 8 Override Node Options module is a simple module that allows you to set who can edit specific node options when creating or editing nodes. This includes things such as the published checkbox, sticky checkbox, promoted to frontpage checkbox, revision information, and authoring information. This is a useful module for building out a more complex content workflow or perhaps just simplifying the content editing experience on your Drupal 8 site by hiding unneeded node options.

Download and install the Override Node Options module just like you would any other module.

composer require drupal/override_node_options

After installing the module, you can configure the module to turn on Global permissions across all node types and specific permissions for each node type. These checkboxes just add additional permissions options on the permissions page.

If you go to the permissions page and search for the Override Node Options section, you will see the available permission options. Here you can set the permission for who can view the various authoring fields that show up on the Node edit forms. You can easily use this to configure specific roles to be able to edit only the authoring information you want them to be able to access.