Drupal Site Map Module

By shane
Fri, 2014-04-11 07:19
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #143

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The Drupal Site Map module can be used to provide you Drupal website visitors with a high level overview of the content on your Drupal 7 site.

Hello everyone and welcome to another Daily Dose of Drupal, today we’re on Episode Number 143 and we’re going to be going over the Site Map Module. The Site Map Module makes it easy to basically create an overview page on your Drupal website that various links and how the general navigation or flow of your Drupal website works.

So it’s basically a simple way to provide users a site map so they can see how your sites structured, how it’s set up. Before we get started I’m Shane Thomas, you can follow me on Twitter at smthomas3, also make sure to hop over to codekarate.com and sign up for the newsletter and learn about becoming a Code Karate supporter.

Let’s go ahead and started; so I’ve already installed the Site Map Module so I’m going to go ahead and we’re going to take a look at that and look at some of the various configurations options. You can see you can have a page title so we can make a Site Map 4 or whatever we want it, we can also add a message and you can select whether or not you want to show the front page in the Site Map, you can also select which menus you want included in the Site Map.

If you taxonomy vocabularies you can include those on the Site Map as well. Here are some specific category settings such as whether or not you want to show the node counts. The depth of the categories or the terms that you want to show and a couple of other things.

There’s also some RSS settings so this defaults to RSS.xml and Drupal actually comes with out of the box but here you can change what it’s set to, you can select to whether or not you want to include RSS links and if you do not want to use the Site Map CSS file you can select this and then you can just use your own or style it however you want. So once I saved that you can click on the Site Map page which just brings me to /sitemap as you can see here, so you can put a link in your footer, you can put a link anywhere you want. Anywhere that you want users to be able to navigate to your Site Map from.

So here is my title, the message that I entered in shows up here, shows my front page with the RSS link, my Main Menu. If I had multiple levels that would show up here and also the Tags on this site along with the Node counts, you can turn those on and off and along with RSS icons for each of those feeds for each term.

And that’s really all there is with the Site Map Module, it’s an incredibly simple module but it can be useful if you want to basically create a footer links with the Site Map so users can see how your sites laid out, maybe navigate it a little bit differently than just using the Menu Structure and it basically provides that overview or that high level overview of what your actual site looks like, how it’s structured and makes it easy for them to hopefully find things.

So that’s really all there is to it and that’s it for this time on the Daily Dose of Drupal, it’s a nice and short and sweet episode and we’ll be back again next time, I’ll see you later.